Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Villa Rose Pizza: What's Old Is New Again!

They don't even have a website but this long time Hollywood pizza joint has withstood the coming and going of thousands of other pizza places in the Hollywood area. Why? Because they still make the best pizza in town.
I first started going to Villa Rose in the mid 1980's. At first I was mesmerized by the aromatic smell emiting from this really plain looking storefront on Highway 441. As you go thru the front door you will be totally un-impressed. You pass a long bar with stools on the right and the pizza ovens on the left into the restaurant area which comprises about six or eight small tables. Obviously, a bunch of their business is take-out.

Although this is primarily a pizza joint they also have a small menu of additional items like subs and pasta dishes. But the pizza is the thing to go for! It's thin and crispy and cooked to perfection. My favorite is the Villa Rose Special. When I go with a few people we order the John's Special which is a large pizza and a small pizza. We always make a challenge to someone who has never been to eat an entire small pizza by themselves. If you do it we let you in the Big Boys Club. The pizza is not cut the ordinary way: it's cut into squares.

For several years when I lived in the area I would eat at this place a few times a month. It is my favorite pizza in town and I can't wait to go again. But is it the BEST pizza in South Florida or the BEST pizza in Hollywood? Let me know with your comment.

If you go tell them you read about it here at South Florida Eats: Pizza!
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