Thursday, June 9, 2011

John's NY Pizza & Pasta

We were meeting Illona and Steve someplace halfway between my home in Delray Beach and their place in Pembroke Pines. I suggested Commercial Blvd. "Just head west from the Turnpike and we'll go to the first interesting place we pass," I said.

Then Steve saw the sign, "Grand Opening," so we swerved right in and boy am I glad we did.
It was an interesting looking place and there was plenty of parking. John greeted us at the door and directed us to a nice four top in the front section. There were two big private parties going on in the back and people were having a lot of fun.

Our server was right there with the drink order and handed out the menus. Drinks came along with a basket full of fresh garlic bread.

Great tasting garlic bread!

About that time a pizza was being delivered to the table next to ours which was occupied by two lovely ladies. I asked them if the pizza was good here. With no hesitation they affirmed and said it was the best value around: a 16" cheese pie for only $12.50, wow! I knew then exactly what I wanted to order.

16" pizza from the table next to ours

My girls both ordered bowls of Pasta Fagioli and Steve got a bowl of Minestrone. I opted for the house salad with creamy Italian dressing. Michelle raved about the soup and rated it right up there with some of the best she has had. I took a taste and agreed.

I was a little slow with the camera. Most was eaten before I took the picture.
 Our 18" half pepperoni, half cheese pizza arrived quickly and was piping hot with delicious looking melting cheese oozing across it. It was cut into eight pretty large slices. After letting it cool a bit I took a small bite and my taste buds came to life.

The pizza had great texture, good ratio of cheese to sauce and very good tasting pepperoni. The crust was well done with just a hint of "toasting" which in my book is as close to perfect as it gets.

 The pizza was excellent and I give it a super high rating, Like a nine out of ten. I only wish that the crust was a little crispier where you can bite off a chunk more easily.

John's NY Pizza & Pasta just moved here from their Lauderhill location and I am sure all of their regulars have already found the new location at 71st and W. Commercial. Drop on in and tell John you read about it here, at and let me know if you think John's NY has the BEST pizza in South Florida or the BEST pizza in Tamarack!

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  1. iward@bellsouth.netJuly 1, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    My friend and I are the two ladies who's picture of our pizza, you took that evening.
    I have been back to Johns NY restaurant every week since then.
    I have been telling everyone I know about it.
    It is the best food I have had in a restaurant in a looong time!


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