Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tucci's Fire N Coal Pizza

"Have you been to Tucci's?" One of my bloggers asked. "They've got the best pizza in South Florida," he continued.

So I made it a point to check out the pizza at Tucci's, located near Palmetto Park Road and Federal Highway in downtown Boca. It was a little tricky getting there since you can't go North on NE 1st Ave from Palmetto Park Road, so I had to circle a couple of blocks. Parking can be a challenge. Since it was after regular working hours I was able to find a spot in the lot next door.

The place is small with about twelve tables inside and a few tables outside. Even on this sweltering July evening there were some patrons enjoying the hot, humid air outside. I met Dale with his boys, Joey and Dylan, and we took a table near the middle. Our friendly server was there in a flash and we ordered a round of drinks. Unfortunately they were out of apple juice and Joey had to choose a different drink.

There was a very pleasant aroma of baking pizza with a very mild garlic overtone. The best smell in the world. The kids wanted pizza with pepperoni.

Dale and I added a house salad and an order of wings to go along with it.

Salad arrived first: mixed greens, a few slices of tomato, sliced onion, garbanzo beans, olives, gorgonzola, and a couple of peperoncini all mixed in a house vinaigrette dressing. Very tasty. Joey tried some of the tomatoes and a couple of greens, Dylan passed on the salad.

Next came the wings...
Next came the wings smothered in sauteed onions and roasted garlic cloves. Crispy on the outside they had an immense amount of flavor and were very moist. Dale and I both commented on how good they were.

Several minutes later the pizza arrived with a note of caution to the boys from our server, "it's very hot!"

We each took a slice once it cooled enough for us to touch it. Dylan and Joey immediately started peeling off the pepperoni slices and popping them into their mouths. That's the way they enjoy it most. Once mine cooled a bit more I took a small bite at the point. The dough was crisp and I snapped a bite off letting the flavors linger in my mouth as I slowly chewed and savored the delicious mixture of flavors. Slightly different then all other pizza I have ever had. You could actually taste the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni with each bite. Even the crust was delicious with it's lightly burned edge.

Dylan ate two pieces and split a third with me. Joey ate one and Dale and I had the rest. Once we finished eating, our server cleared the table and delivered the check. Dylan handed him my coupon from South Florida Dines and he returned with the adjusted amount. We left full and happy. But is Tucci's the BEST pizza in South Florida? Is it the BEST pizza in Boca Raton?

Tucci's is worth a try! I think it is one of the best pizzas I've had in awhile. Is it the best pizza in South Florida? Maybe. Give it a try and let me know what you think.
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